Radishes with Soft Butter and Good Sea Salt

  • Prep time: ~ 5 minutes


  • 1 bunch of radishes
  • 4 oz cultured butter
  • Back to Organic Chipotle Himalayan, Lemon Twist, Applewood Smoked or Fleur de Sel

A crisp, radish dipped in soft butter and finished with a good sea salt is simply delicious.  For years, people have talked about this french appetizer but I just could not bring myself to eat one since I dislike the peppery flavor of radishes.  After hearing how amazing it is with a little smoked salt at lunch this week, I decide it was time to try it for myself.

When I took a bite, I was shocked at how the butter and salt bring out the sweetness in a radish.  Even my 4 year old loved the combination and wanted more. We ate the entire bunch within 15 minutes.


So for those of you that are doing the “butter diet” or adding butter to your coffee to boost your brain and energy level, you have to try a grass feed butter rich in CLA with a healthy, mineral rich, detoxifying radish.  Radishes may lower the risk of prostate, breast, colon and ovarian cancer as well as fight respiratory infections and boost the immune system.

Try some freshly picked radishes with a cultured, grass feed milk butter like Banner Butter and several different salts.  We sampled the Back to Organic Chipotle Himalayan, Lemon Twist and Applewood Smoked.  The kids favorite was the Lemon while I gravitated toward the spicier Chipotle.  I will try the Cumin Lime next week when I get another bunch of radishes from the Morningside Market.  Let me know what you prefered.


Serve the radishes whole or slice in half leaving the greens on the bulb and place on a platter along with 4 ounces of softened butter and several dishes of Back to Organic salt to sample. Or thinly slice the radish, place on a buttered baguette and sprinkle with a good sea salt. Enjoy for breakfast, lunch, as a light snack, or a simple appetizer.




Pictures taken by E. Feagin



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Recipe by Back To Organic at http://backtoorganic.com/radishes-with-soft-butter-and-good-sea-salt/