I am amazed at how much this magnesium supplement improved my energy level and increased flexibility in my back muscles which decreased my pain. It only took 4 days to feel a difference. Now I did double the dose on the third day by taking one teaspoon in the afternoon and one in the evening.

I knew I was deficit in magnesium after some blood work so I thought it would be fine to take more. Plus, your stomach is suppose to hurt if you take too much. Mine did not. If you take it and you feel some discomfort, you may not be deficient in magnesium.

I had physical therapy today and they were shocked at how much better my back felt. He is recommending it to his mother after seeing my results. If you are having problems with back or muscle pain or need an energy boost, this may help you.

I recommend getting some blood work first and talking to your doctor. I have been told magnesium cannot be accurately measured with blood work because magnesium is stored in the cells. I have also read over 72% of Americans are deficient in magnesium due to the quality of our soil and food.

Another thing to note is I started drinking whole milk on the first day I tried the Calm. Calcium and magnesium work well together. I used to drink around 8 glasses of skim milk growing up and cut way back when I was pregnant and eliminated milk after I ripped two disks in my back. I read to eliminate gluten and dairy when your body is inflamed.

The interesting thing is what happened with my growth hormone before and after I eliminated organic milk. Before I was pregnant with my son, my growth hormone was 301 and now it is 225. That is a huge drop.

I am drinking milk again to see if my growth hormone increases. I want a high growth hormone so I can build muscle faster. I will let you know if it works. It is kind of scary if it does.

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