Class Art Project


Every year the children make a work of art to sell at the school auction. This year a very talented artist came to our daughter’s school to provide her expertise to design the auction piece. The project was an amazing collaboration of all the kids, the artist, and the parent volunteers.

Each child painted one or two squares on their class’s canvas. The squares contained a flower design with petals and a flower head. The planning and layout was complete by the artist before the children started which simplified the process greatly.

The children picked their favorite three colors. Boys prefered reds, blues, and oranges while the girls seemed to gravitate toward the pastel pinks and purples. The color combinations really blended together well. A chart was made to document every child’s square.

If the child painted two squares, they could not touch each other and they needed to use the same three colors for both squares but reversed in scheme. For example, the background of one square would be blue, the petals green, and the flower head purple.  The second square would have a green background, blue petals, and a purple flower head.

Our daughter thought it was really fun and, of course, is begging us to buy it for her room. Several parents have already expressed an interest in the piece so I am anticipating a bidding war.

I may attempt to design a canvas with hearts for Valentine’s Day and have the cousins paint the squares. It will be a fun family activity we can keep forever. I am sure I will have a greater appreciation for the artist’s prep work if I try this project.

The artist said she will outline each square in black and glaze the canvas. I cannot wait to see the finished piece and who the lucky winner is at the auction!

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