Elephant Head

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This is so easy to make and a unique decoration for a child’s birthday party. You can make one elephant head for each child so they have a towel for the party as well as something useful to take home. I am not a fan of all the party favor trinkets; we just throw them away.

To make, fold the towel in half and grab the middle to hold under your chin or use your teeth. Hold the towel tightly while you fold in the sides. Start at the top and slowly move your hands down as you make two rolls. Continue to roll the sides until they meet in the middle. Then put the towel down with the rolls underneath; it will look like a trunk.

Then fold the flap at the top over the trunk so it looks like a head. Grab the two loose pieces of the towel and fluff to make the ears. Grab some flowers for the ears and a larger flower for the trunk. You can get the trunk to stand up by tightly rolling the end toward the head.


For the tusks, roll the wash clothes like you did for the trunk and place one on each side under the head.

Do this a couple times and you will master it. It is very easy. A lot easier than it sounds. Experiment with different colored towels.


Using a striped towel, I am going to try to make a yellow jacket with wings instead of ears for football season. I am about to post a bulldog for all you Georgia fans.




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Recipe by Back To Organic at http://backtoorganic.com/elephant-head/