How to Capture Those Moments on Your iPhone


We just returned from an amazing trip to Boston, Cape Cod, and Nantucket. We rented a house with Alice, Kyu and their son and had a great time eating, brainstorming and catching up on everyday life. One day we took a ferry over to Nantucket and we all fell in love with the island. The cobblestone streets, cedar shake houses and unique shops makes this island so charming. Even when it was pouring rain, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

Alice’s friend from Atlanta, Robin gave us a personal tour of the neighborhoods, beach, and town. She drove us to the picturesque lighthouse which had been moved 6 feet due to erosion issues on that side of the island. Since my aunt loves lighthouses, we asked Alice Park to take a photograph for her.

Alice was in the front seat and had to shoot the photo through the windshield. The tint on top of the glass could not be avoided and created this bluish sky.  Alice photoshoped the picture after we got back home and the real sky color can be seen in the collection of photos above. I think the picture below looks like a postcard and would never have thought to use the tint to create such a unique effect.

Most of the photos we took on this New England trip were from our iPhone. Alice helped us with angles, light, and layout. The background can really make a photo pop. Below are some tips on how to use your iPhone.

How to take the best photograph:

1. Think about your composition. Too much empty space above and below your subject can distract from your photograph’s center of interest. If you’re looking to include the background, shoot wide. Otherwise, get in as close to your subject as possible.

2. Expose for your subject’s faces. What does that mean? Essentially, when holding the phone up to your subject for a photo, simply tap on the subject’s face and your camera will automatically expose for their face. This ensures their faces are not too dark in the photograph.

3. Take advantage of mobile editing softwares and apps. I’m a huge fan of running my photos through the free photoshop app and applying filters on it through Instagram!

4. Keep shooting. The best photos are the ones actually taken!

5. Don’t be afraid to ask a stranger to take a family photograph for you in an interesting place! How many more times in the future will you have this opportunity? You’ll regret it if you don’t, and absolutely treasure it if you do :)

Here are more of the amazing shots from our trip. I love how Alice captures those precious everyday moments. The kids definitely make life more interesting!


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