Lime-more benefits than just Margaritas


Limes add so much flavor to our food and drinks but also cure many aligments. Limes are high in Vitamin C, flavonoids, citric acid, and limonin. They can clear the skin, improve digestion, and possibly cure prostate and colon cancer by removing the toxins in the organs. For centuries, people have used limes to cure scurvy and cholera.

They also are a natural disinfectant for cleaning your home. Mix the juice with some baking soda and scrub. I love to grind the peels in the disposal for the citrus smell.

Here are some of the conditions limes are known to help and the reason:

  • acne and skin problems- Vitamin C and Flavonoids act as antioxidants, antibiotics and disinfectants, the acid removes dead skin cells
  • common cold- Vitamin C protects your immune system
  • ear infections- Vitamin C
  • digestion- Flavonoids increase secretion of digestive acids
  • Heart disease- removes free radicals that damage blood vessels and changes cholesterol
  • arthritis- removes free radicals that lead to inflammation in the joints
  • urinary disorders- potassium helps remove toxins in the kidneys and bladder
  • prostate cancer and growth- removes calcium in urinary tract
  • ulcers and wounds in the digestive system- potassium and flavonoids heal ulcers
  • constipation- acids clears the excretory system
  • weight loss- citric acid burns fat
  • gum disease- Vitamin C deficiency may be the cause
  • fever- removes inflammation
  • scurvy- Vitamin C may be the cause

Vitamin C removes free radicals in you body so they cannot interact with healthy cells. Damaged cells cause cancer or can inflame  the body. The Flavonoids called flavonol glycosides have been shown to stop cancer cells from dividing and can act as anti-biotics in the body. Limonin is being studied for it’s natural anti-carcinogenic properties and cholesterol lowering effects.

For the most health benefits, pick the limes when fully ripened. I recommend having a lemon and lime tree in the house so you will always have a freshly picked fruit available. The lime trees we saw in Italy were spectacular. Look at the size of the fruit. Maybe all the lemons and limes in the Mediterranean diet keep the Italians looking so young.

Remember, do not eat the seeds. In large quantities they can make you ill.


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