Valentines Day cards

valentine cards

Valentine’s Day is next week and our daughter wanted to make Valentines for her teachers and classmates. We pulled out the glitter glue, glue stick, glitter, cardstock and construction paper and started experimenting. In order to get the cards to fit in an envelope, we cut the construction paper in half and folded it to make a card.

We wrote XO and drew hearts on the front cards with the glue stick and sprinkled the glitter. This does get messy so do this outside or in the garage if you can.  Then, we changed it up by cutting out hearts and glueing them on the front. Our daughter wanted the arrow so we used the glue and glitter at first but realized the glitter glue makes a better arrow.

For the inside of the cards, we typed up a note and printed them. Our daughter will sign each one with a red pen. The envelopes are plain white envelopes which we spruced up with stickers. Kids love stickers.

We also traced the hand print of both our kids and glued them to a large sheet of card stock. We wrote the name and age for both kids so we can look back years from now and remember how small they were. They are growing up so quickly.

We hope this is a fun activity you can do with your children.


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